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Why School Sucks
During Our K-12 Education:
We should have learned How-To-Memorize.
We could have learned How-To-Create.
Learn what's not taught in America's K-12 Public Education: 1 Proven, Dependable, Repeatable Method for How-To-Memorize and How-To-Create What Matters!
Learn How-To-Memorize and How-To-Create What Matters!
The Creative Process is The Most Successful Method in History for Achieving Your Goals!
America's Most Important Grass Roots Movement?
We Must Teach What's Not Taught In America's K-12 Public Education!
Martin Luther King Jr Had A Dream To End Slavery
Russell Warren Kukla Has A Dream To End K-12 Public Education Testing
Harriet Tubman Escaped Slavery A Rescued 70 Slaves
Will You Help Rescue America's Children From K-12 Public Education Slavery?
To Create Change We Must Resurrect W. Edwards Deming
"Only The Method Matters."
- W. Edwards Deming (1900-1993)
To End School Shootings We Must Establish This 1 Rule!
Teach Children How-To-Memorize Before Telling What-To-Memorize
Bullet Proof Doors & Windows Will Not Create Real Change!
We Will Never Problem Solve Our Way Out Of $22 Trillion Debt.
Confused Vs. Critical Thinking
Are You Able To Remember?
My Path of Least Resistance Way To Memorize 1 Acre = 43,560  Square Feet
Occam's Razor? The Simple Solution Is The Best Solution
We Struggle To Memorize Because We Do Not Under_Stand The Mechanics
There's No Greater Thing We Can Create To Lift This Burden
Misunderstanding = Confusion = Struggle = Suffering = Pain = Dropout
Can You Name And Define These Two Structures?
How Do You Really Know If You're Sitting In The Correct Structure?
We Can Lift A Heavy Weight Off Teachers & Students?
Today In America, Teachers & Students Needlessly Struggle & Suffer.
What's 1st First Step To Create Real Change In K-12?
1 Proven, Dependable, Repeatable Method For Memorizing & Creating!
Arizona's Civics Test
1 More Burden Being Placed On The Backs Of Our Teachers and Students?
What's The True Value?
Out Of The 100 Test Questions, Do Any Offer A Teenager Any True Value?
Teach K-12 Survival Skills?
We Must Teach All Students How To Take Action To Avoid School Shooters.
1 Correct Example Vs. 1 In-Correct Example of Memorizing
Do You Remember Being Told To Memorize America's 50 Capitals?
How I Discovered Robert Fritz and Why I Almost Ran Away!?
The Heat Robert Fritz Delivers Is To Remove The Scales Of False Concepts.
Is America Destined To Go Over The Financial Cliff?
We Will Never Problem Solve Our Way Out Of $22 Trillion Debt.
Able To Memorize & Remember The 54 African Capitals? No!?
We Can Proof In Reality A Persons Mastery To Memorize & Remember
Next Robert Fritz Book I'm Going to Read& Share, Identity
Why It Doesn't Matter What You Think About Yourself To Create-What-Matters
A True Foundation for Mental, Emotional, & Physical Health
We Can Learn, Practice, and Master 1 Method for Both Memorizing & Creating
Misunderstanding = Confusion = Struggle = Suffering = Pain 
We Must Settle The Dust In K-12 Pubic Ed So We Can Begin To Teach
How I Discovered Robert Fritz and Why I Almost Ran Away!?
I Hope This Video Inspires You To Choose Robert Fritz as Your Teacher
Do 5 Elements of Testing Help Us To Understand the Burden?
Choose To Memorize The 50 African Capitals so You're Able to Understand
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